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Recycling is extremely important for the precious metals (Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Silver) industry. In fact, recycled gold makes more than a third of the current world supply. Here at Las Vegas Precious Metal Refining we are pleased to be one of the few companies in Las Vegas, Nevada with the flexibility to offer precious metal refining services to a variety of businesses – from jewelers, dentists, pawnbrokers, and more.

The process begins when a client brings us scrap gold (or other precious metals, such as Platinum, Palladium, or Silver) to be recycled. To determine the purity of the gold, we perform an assay. Once we have assayed the weight and purity of the gold, we have all the information we need to quote you a payout price. From there, your gold is melted down into a bar, and an XF assay is performed, in our open refinery. Our open refinery allows you the opportunity to watch all of this take place.


Our refinery operates two X-RF machines, so we are able to determine results quickly – even with multiple clients. An X-Ray assay only takes a few minutes. This unique form of precious metal testing works by bathing the sample in x-rays. The metal then emits light (fluorescence) at an energy level specific to its atomic structure. By measuring this, our machine can determine the purity of the gold.


Once we’ve tested your lot and given you a price quote, the actual precious metal recycling process begins. We operate furnaces that can easily reach high enough temperatures to melt platinum, which is upward of 3,200°F.

The temperatures in the furnace get so high, welding glasses are needed to safely look at the molten metal when it’s in the crucible. We take the utmost pride in safety which is why, you will always see members of our team wearing glasses, and gloves.

After melting, processing, and testing, the metal is sent for further recycling to reenter the market.


We are very competitive with our payouts. We will pay up to 99% of the melt value of your precious metals, according to the daily market prices. Payments can be made to you via cash, check, or wire (whichever you prefer), usually same day.